(Draft) A powerful campaign by designers Kaur and Kristanto

Canada-based designer Ruchi Kaur and Indonesia-based designer Paulus Kristanto collaborated on a very important project, celebrating the work of Future Dreams in spreading awareness and fighting against breast cancer. The campaign was mainly focused on giving positivity, support, and words of encouragement to spread awareness about breast cancer and its symptoms. The campaign also aims…

(Draft) WATCH: Digital director Ben Burns shares 24 hours of his life

Being a digital director isn’t always as fun as it seems. Ben Burns, a digital director from The Futur filmed a whole day’s worth of footage to share with his audience. Spend the day with him and see what really goes on behind the awesome videos. You can view the full video here. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfFFujNASTg&w=854&h=480]

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(Draft) Stanley Lau creates his version of Darna

World renowned illustrator, designer, concept artist, and creative director Stanley Lau, or more popularly known by his handle, Artgerm has surprised his Philippine fans to this amazing sketch of the Philippine superheroine Darna. His “night sketch” is said to be in preparation of the upcoming AsiaPop Comic Con. Stanley Lau has a huge fanbase, gathering…